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Great Peace Of Mind

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This product has given us great peace of mind.

Dad had wandered away from his home in Melbourne and went missing for almost 24 hrs some weeks ago. Fortunately he was found safe and well some 13kms away by a concerned resident who noticed him and contacted the police (what a harrowing 24 hrs).
Family members are now able to monitor dad’s location 24/7 via smart phone;
We are able to monitor the trackers status and location, it has a distress SOS panic button which when pressed calls a pre-programmed phone number (my sister), and has the ability for us to dial into and have a voice conversation if needed.

A predetermine perimeter has been programmed which allows dad to walk a 400 meter radius from home, so whenever he travels out of range it sends notifications to warn us.
In addition to this great product, we have found that the customer service Mr Claude Raiola of Tracking Central has provided has been outstanding. The follow up phone calls and emails in assisting us have been prompt and caring.

I live in NSW and feel a little helpless, we are now able to keep track of dad’s location and act quickly in getting him home safely should he unintentionally wander away from home.

Thank you Tracking Central, this has given dad the ability to continue living at home with his wife and in his familiar surroundings.

We would recommend your product without hesitation.

The Manariti family.