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Dad has been able to continue his daily walks independently

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Using the tracker has meant that our Dad has been able to continue his daily walks independently. As an Alzheimer sufferer Dad has gone missing a few times and without the tracker it was a very traumatic experience involving Police and lots of anxious hours of waiting for him to be found. The phone app means that we can now find him in a matter of seconds, it is just brilliant.

Claude provided such fantastic customer service and was so patient helping us with the initial set up, we can’t thank him enough.

We would highly recommend this product to any family needing to keep tabs on their loved ones.

Great Peace Of Mind

This product has given us great peace of mind. Dad had wandered away from his home in Melbourne and went missing for almost 24 hrs some weeks ago. Fortunately he was found safe and well some 13kms away by a concerned resident who noticed him and contacted the police (what a harrowing 24 hrs). Family [...]

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Mum of 2 Boys With Autism

Thank you Claude for NOT ONLY  providing us with an excellent product that works (previous GPS products we had tried didn't - and a lot of money was wasted) BUT also your excellent customer service. As a mum to 2 children with Autism this product has been peace of mind. It will never [...]

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​I found the tracker very valuable my partner with dementia wanderings off......

I found the tracker very valuable in that my partner with dementia had a habit of wandering off......the device was valuable in that I could find him easily if this was the case. However the tracker I purchased at the time was placed on his belt or attached to his arm - this was [...]

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Great Product

Excellent and accessible service by phone. Great product

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The Tracker has given me the added piece of mind......

The device has given me the added piece of mind of knowing that I can locate my mother at any time of the day or night.

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My Tracker Allowed Me To Retain My Independance....

this device allowed me, the user, to develop independence after a brain injury and oxygen deprivation. My family had the security of knowing that should anything happen such as a fall etc and I didn't answer 2way that they along with medical help would be notified asap. I was able to do some [...]

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Peace Of Mind Knowing Where Mom Is At Any Point In Time....

The Care Tracker SOS Voice is carried in my Mum's handbag. It means she can continue to enjoy living in her community while I have the peace of mind knowing where she is at any point in time. The iPhone app is fantastic and usually I only need to charge the device every 4 days.

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Thanks to Tracking Central it has given us peace of mind....

Dad's tendencies to occasionally wander away from home had left us uneasy and continually worried about his well being. Thanks to Tracking Central it has given us peace of mind, the ability to monitor his whereabouts and if required actually speak with him without any action on his behalf. Thank you TC Wonderful product, totally recommend.

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My Mother Has Alzheimer's And Loves To Go For Walks....

"My mother suffers from Alzheimer's disease but still loves to go for walks. Unfortunately that means that she sometimes gets a bit lost.The Care Tracker SOS Voice Pendant has been the best thing we have every purchased for Mum as it provides us with peace of mind that when Mum goes for a walk, we will always be able to locate her.It is very [...]

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