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Live Tracking Subscriptions

The Tracking Central Live Tracking Subscription provides you with a range of useful features that combine to make your CareTracker or MyWatch a source of valuable information when trying to locate device. With a Live Tracking Subscription you can:

  • set the tracker to automatically reports its location at set intervals. This allows you to not only determine the trackers most recent location, but also learn where the tracker has been historically over time, upto 1,000 past locations being stored on the Tracking System
  • be automatically alerted when the tracker is either turn on / off and the location at the time
  • be able to set pre defined geo zone (a round circlle marked on a map from 100 meters to many kilometers in radius), and once the tracker has moved into / out of the zone you will be automatically alerted
  • be automatically advised when the tracker moves into a low battery state, to prompt you that it needs to be recharged