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How It Works

The TrackingCentral GPS Trackers combine Mobile Phone SIM Card technology and GPS technology to provide a very reliable and fast way to locate Tracker

Mobile Phone SIM Card Technology:

Our Trackers require a Mobile Phone SIM Card to be inserted into the Trackers. The SIM Card allows you to call the Tracker to have it determine its current location. Once the location has been determined using inbuilt GPS Technology the Tracker will send an SMS back to the callers mobile phone advising the exact location of the Tracker.

GPS Technology:

Our Trackers use GPS technology similar to the technology used with in-car GPS devices to determine the location of the Trackers. If a Tracker is out of GPS range ie: inside a building, in an underground car park, the will not be able achieve an accurate GPS signal fix which may result in the accuracy of the location determine to be compromised.

How To Locate The Tracker's Current Position:

  • Call For Location:call-location-process.gif
    1) Using a mobile phone call the mobile number of the SIM card inside the Tracker. The Tracker will silently ring twice and then automatically terminate the incoming call.
    2) The Tracker will now connect to the satellite determine its current GPS location (this may take up to 60 seconds, depending on the GPS signal strength at the time of the call.)
    3) The satellite send the location data back to the Tracker for processing.
    4) The Tracker will automatically send an SMS back to the callers mobile phone with details of its current location assuming a strong GPS signal was achieved. If the Tracker was out of GPS range at the time of the call the location information contained in the SMS will be the previous successful GPS location recorded.

  • Live Automatic Interval Tracking:
    (Note: Live Automatic Interval Tracking incurs a monthly subscription fee.)
    Live Tracking allows the tracker to continually report it's location at set interval Each time the Tracker determines it's current location the Tracker will then automatically send the location data to the Web Tracking Server, via GPRS using the Mobile SIM Card. Subscribers will be issued with their unique login details allowing them to log into the Tracker Server and view current and past mapped locations of the Tracker. Click Here For Demo