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Customer Rewards

Are you happy with our products and the level of customer service you receive from TrackingCentral ? 

Would you like to receive a discount on your monthly Live Tracking Subscription up to potentially Free Live Tracking Subscription each month ? 

If yes, then you simply need to spread the word so that your family and friends who may be in need of the products and services we offer can also benefit from the Piece of Mind our products and services are providing you and your family.

Our TrackingCentral Customer Rewards Program rewards our customers who have a Live Tracking Account by offering discounts on their monthly Live Tracking Subscription fees when they refer family or friends to TrackingCentral who choose to purchase one of our tracking devices combined with a monthly Live Tracking Subscription.

How It Works:

From 1st February 2015 when we receive a customer enquiry regarding one of our tracking devices we will ask each customer how they heard about TrackingCentral and specifically ask if they were referred by one of our existing customers (the Referring Customer).

Each time a newly referred customer decides to purchase one of our devices with a monthly Live Tracking Subscription the referring customer will receive Ten (10) Customer Reward Points that we will assign to the referring customers Live Tracking Account. Each reward point represents 1% discount (10 points ) that will be applied to referring customers future monthly Live Tracking Subscription invoices. Reward points are only calculated based on active referred customers at the time the monthly invoices are generated. 

Bonus Customer Rewards Points: 

From time to time at the sole discretion of TrackingCentral we may decide to offer Bonus Rewards Campaigns. The number of Bonus Reward Points will be determined by TrackingCentral Pty Ltd at the time of the promotion and will be added to any standard Rewards Points earned.

Customer Rewards Points Eligibility:

To be eligible to earn Customer Rewards Points an existing customer have an active Live Tracking Subscription with TrackingCentral without their being any outstanding subscription fees owing. Despite the number of Customer Rewards Points a customer may have earned, if at the time of issuing our monthly invoices a customer has overdue invoices, they will forfeit their Customer Rewards Discount entitlement for that month. 

If at the time an invoice is generated a previously referred customer has decided to cancel their Live Tracking Subscription and associated Reward Points earned by the referring customer will deducted from the total number of reward points the referring customer has accumulated.

The maximum discount that can be applied to an individual Live Tracking Subscription account is 100% representing (100 Customer Reward Points) which means you have free monthly Live Tracking Subscription for your device.