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Welcome to Tracking Central

At Tracking Central we specialise in offering the latest in wearable technology and personal location devices to our customers. 

The MyWatch (3G) is now available to order!!!
MyWatch (3G)

The very latest in "Wearable Technology" is now available.

In addition to being a traditional watch that is suitable many different applications and for all ages MyWatch (3G) is a:

  • Fully Functional GPS Tracking Device: MyWatch (3G) can be set to automatically report to our Live Tracking Portal the wearer’s location at pre-set intervals 24/7. When outdoors the location accuracy is within 10+ meters.
  • Limited Function Mobile Phone: Just like "Dick Tracey", when wearing the MyWatch (3G) you are able to have a mobile phone conversation by talking simply by talking to the watch.
  • Personal Alert Safety Device: With the press of the red SOS button the MyWatch (3G) can ring up to 6 pre-programmed numbers whilst also reporting the location of the wearer to our Live Tracking Portal and sending SOS alert notifications to nominated email addresses.
  • Pedometer: Ideal for anyone who wants to keep track of how many steps they have walked.
  • 100% Splash Proof  IP65 water rating means the MyWatch (3G)  is not suitable for using whilst swimming, showing  or being submerged under water. 
  • Watch That Can Announce The Current Time: By pressing one of the buttons the watch will announce the current time, ideal for those who may be visually impaired.
  • Non GPS Indoor Tracker: Using W-Fi technology the MyWatch (3G) is able to detect signals from Wi-Fi networks. If a building's Wi-Fi network is mapped to our Live Tracking Portal it's possible to locate the wears whereabouts when they are deep inside a building even down to a specific floor and their location on that floor within 30-100 meter accuracy.


caretrackerlogo.jpgThe CareTracker is the perfect solution for tracking young children, teenagers, the elderly, sufferers of Alzheimer's disease or dementia or other medical conditions that may cause them to become disoriented or even lost.

Magnetic Lockable Wristbands are now available, enabling the CareTracker to remain with the wearer unless removed via unlocking.

The CareTracker SOS Voice Pendant has all the fesatures of the CareTracker TC-100 with the additional benefit of a large SOS button and 2 way voice cabability. Those needing assistance press the SOS button (from any location in the world) to dial the emergency number as nominated by the wearer or carer.
Parents or Carers may be concerned about children who have a tendency to wonder off, not to mention the ever present concern of stranger danger. Having a CareTracker in a child's pocket, worn around their neck, or in the pocket of a backpack will allow them to locate their child promptly.


Our indoor Patient / Resident Wandering System uses small RFID Tags suitable to be worn on a wrist or ankle. The RFID Tags are waterproof allowing the wearer to leave the RFID Tag on even when in the shower or bath. The Patient RFID Tags have an exceptional battery life of 3-5 years.

When the person wearering the Patient RFID Tag presents within 10-150 feet of pre installed RFID Door Receivers the system will automatically go into alarm. The alarms can either report directly to a Nurse Call System or sound an audible alarm.




Our range of Lone Worker Products are ideal for any person who works alone whether as an independant contractor or an employee.

Should the Lone Worker find they are in need of urgent assistance with the single press of the SOS button will place a 2-way voice call to a nominated number and also advise others of your current location using the in-built GPS technology. 

When a Lone Worker is wearing one of our small devices they, their families and co workers have true peace of mind knowing that they are never truely alone whilst at work, knowing that help is only ever the SOS button press away.


The PawTracker is ideal for pet owners wanting to keep track of the whereabouts of their beloved pet.

The PawTracker is small enough to be worn on the pet collar or in the pocket of your pet's harness or clothing. If your beloved pet gets out and about without you knowing simply call the mobile number (assigned to the PawTracker inside) and you will be able to determine their current location in approximately 1 minute.